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Haulogis Logistics gained prominence as a service logistics specialist with experience in various services, including order fulfillment, freight forwarding, and order fulfillment.


Deliver software solutions to cargo across the globe and expand the network of Haulogis.


We strive to fulfill your distribution needs and deliver your order to its destination.

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Haulogis Logistics has been in the market and expanded its services into Order Fulfillment, Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, in-house logistics, and complete end-to-end logistic solutions. We grew to serve various industries across varied domains with new-age digital solutions and supply chain logistics. Our wings are spread across ocean, land, air, and rail freight services. Our experience includes working with big giants and futuristic startups. Our expertise includes food, retail, automotive, aerospace, and technology industries.



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Building a brand like Haulogis Logistics requires sheer determination, strategy, commitment, and planning. We strive to deliver quality service with scheduled delivery. We ensure we provide complete end-to-end solutions that will help you enhance and drive you through seamless logistics solutions. Our team is dedicated to understanding client requirements and promoting logistics to different industries. We are logistics experts and the best in what we do.

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Great partnerships make it happen together!

Our network is vast; we are a team of professionals expert in various areas of supply chain management making impactful decisions and making your logistics simplified. We are a family of happy clients across different industries and varied domains making our way to the global market. Partnering with us will help you manage your logistic solutions with our uniquely tailor-made digital solutions leading to fast, smooth & safe cargo shipment to its desired destination.

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